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No he's not. There is a reason he has a stockpile. I took a piece of every paycheck to buy ammo. Hence now I have a small pile of ammo. I always look to buy more because face it ammo is never going to get any cheaper. People who don't stockpile are your own worst enemies. Look now you have guns with no bullets and you all rushed out to get ammo when this panic hit.

Don't blame him for doing something he's always been doing or be so quick to judge. Just because you were unprepared why should he stop his system for you?

This may sound harsh but I find it hard to empathize with someone who owns guns and calls themselves a shooter when you don't have any ammo to shoot once the shelves go bare. I've purchased alot of ammo during this shortage not so much for myself (inflated prices don't interest me) but for others or friends who want or need the caliber and they would do the same for me if I was looking for something.

buying all the 22lr ammo they can get their hands on and they aren't shooting any of it.
I am also sitting on my .22lr simply because you cannot get any besides from the manufacturers... It seems to me foolish to use up a finite item that you don't NEED to especially when it is hard to find. Just because I don't plan on shooting ammo I buy that day doesn't mean I don't plan to shoot it. Seems to be poor logic.
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