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DavidR, That is exactly what I was thinking about using the 148WC. I'm loading about 3.5 grains and hoping that is OK. That should be enough to at least get it through the barrel. I can't test it yet because I live in NJ and I am waiting for the state to approve a purchase. Here you need a permit to purchase a hand gun. I should have it in a couple of weeks. I was told it should take about 8 weeks and it's been 6 weeks. I'm looking for a Smith 686 with a 6" barrel if the price is right.

Uncle Nick, it was working fine thanks to you. But then I decided to clean it since I hadn't done it in 15 years. I had the plate off tried to clean the little detent ball. I pushed a little too hard with a clothe and knocked it out. I thought it rolled down through another hole but no. Now I have to find a ball bearing that will work. It is amazing how the dang thing disappeared. Now I'm lining the shell plate up with marks that I made until I can get a replacement. Sometimes it just don't pay to roll out of bed.

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