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Hmmm... I'm a cop, I'm pretty easy going, I try to be friendly and treat everyone with respect, love to talk guns, I shoot IDPA and some action pistol with a bunch of real nice folks. I never thought it was a big deal since I figure I'm just like everyone else, makes me wonder if anybody talks about me like that - "Hey, I shot a match with this cop this morning, couldn't believe it, great guy, had a custom 1911, helluva shot, too".
WC145: There are many, many like you. But of late, the Memphis Police Department has had a rash of officers who don't measure up, officers who overstep their bounds of authority, or who just plain commit crimes. These are the ones whose photos appear on the late news and in our morning paper. To those who, like you, walk the straight walk and are credits to your uniform, this must be a severe blow to morale.

I just thought my little "Thanks for you service" cards and maybe a few words of encouragement might just be a day-brightener.

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