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And if ammo is not available, or prohibitively expensive in the future, what good will my guns be if I REALLY need to shoot them??
tell that to the millions of other gun owners who are buying guns for the first time, or who are looking for ammo just to have. let's not deny it. there's hoarding going on like we've never seen before. the hoarders will claim no wrong doing because they 'foresaw' things to come. unless you're planning on defending yourself against a standing army, or actually have use for thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammo, then you're basically ruining it for the other guy who just wants to head to the range and shoot a few rounds, or you're making it impossible for new shooters to get their feet wet and enjoy firearms. like you said, guns are useless without ammo. right now I have 200 rounds of .22LR and .270 win ammo that are sitting in a box collecting dust. luckily, I don't shoot very often I don't need ammo the way some of you feel like you need ammo
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