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Are you seeing any leading in the barrel? if not and the cases are not showing any stress. I think you could move up just a little. 2.5 grains is Max for Jacketed ammo. As long as you have no leading 2.3 then ease up to 2.5 and see if the case seals..
No leading yet. Shooting from two revolvers. One (.32 H&R Mag) with 3" barrel and a .327 Fed Mag snubby. Both can handle higher pressure. I worked up to the load I have, but didn't want to go higher because Hodgdon didn't have a load for 85 gr LRN. This was the closest and the highest amount of Titegroup of any of their loads. It shows 2.4 as the max.

85 GR. HDY JHP Titegroup .312" 1.160" 2.1 723 7,800 CUP 2.4 819 11,300 CUP

Starline brass is notoriously "heavy-duty"....

I'm going to assume you have the same problem -- thicker brass than such pressures (or less) will seal. I'd suggest annealing the top 1/3 near the mouth of 3-4 cases and see if that solves the problem. (Take care with a good heat sink on the base)
I suspected heavy brass might be the case. It just seems thicker. Will try annealing and see what happens. Will heat sink in pan of water.

You should resize new brass.
Since the unsized brass fit well in both guns, I figured one less sizing would help it last one more firing. I'm cheap that way. Didn't think sizing would have anything to do with soot except maybe harden the brass even more.
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