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Nice to see my letter writing pay off.
It's nice to see Crapo coming back around. In the past, he's been a very vocal supporter of ours, and I was worried to see him wavering back in January.

I don't believe the majority of gun owners who support universal background checks will comply with the law if it is passed because they won't believe universal background checks apply to Grandpa's hunting rifle or Grandma's .410 shotgun.
We need only look at Canada, whose long-gun registry was utterly ignored by the population in general. It's estimated that less than 20% of rifles were ever registered there. The registry had no effect on crime, and its only legacy was a budget overrun of almost 1000%.

The biggest issue with this law is that it will do nothing to stop violent crime. It will only serve to generate prosecutions of otherwise law-abiding people on statutory violations.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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