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9 mm brass

I recently went through my ammo boxes that have been laying in the garage for 15-20 years and i found that i have 400 9mm lugar brass that have been cleaned and primed with CCI pistol primers, and 2350(+\-) 9mm brass that are mixed some de-primed and some tumbeled and some just empty. These are from when i was shooting IPSC in the 90's. My question is what are these worth? I no longer even own a 9mm so to me they are just taking up space. What i would really like is to trade for .454 casull, .45ACP, .357Mag, .45LC, .243 win, .30-30, 7mm rem mag, or .45-70, (rounds, or componants to make above rounds)
I was thinking of taking these to the next local gun show. Is there a market for these brass. Most are only once fired but some are more than once (how many i dont know). They are all mixed headstamp. Or should i just sell them for scrap?
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