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Results are in!

I tested the "LC844" powder over my Chony this weekend. I started at 90% of the minimum load listed in my Lyman's 49th for H335 and 55gr projectiles and worked my way up to my standard H335 load of 25.3 gr in 0.5 gr increments.

I got very high velocity variations (high SD) at the lower charge weights. As I approached the book H335 minimum (~24.5 gr) the velocity smoothed out and SD's dropped below 20.

As I approached 25.0 gr, the velocities nearly matched my Standard H335 load. At 25.3gr of this LC844, my velocity's were 3220 fps and the 10 shot SD was 12 compared to my standard H335 load of 3250 fps. I think I can safely use H335 data for this powder.

They appear to be very similar. (if not the same!)

Thanks for all your help.

BTW- There were zero pressure signs on any brass during the test. I saw some un-burnt powder in the action of my rifle after shooting the loads with only 20 to 23 grains of powder?
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