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Two weeks ago our big LGS started keeping the night cables in the gun racks during sales hours. Bit of a pain if you want to handle one of them, got to wait while the guy with the key can get there, but I'll bet no one is walking out with any of 'em.
That is pretty much SOP over here. Most of the long guns are on racks behind the handguns which are in glass cases. Those that are just out there are either locked to a rack or in a glass case. You cant just "handle" any firearm without a store employee being involved.

A few of the employee's at my LGS know me as a regular and will sometimes attend to other customers (within line of sight) while I look at a firearm but most of the time it is a pure 1 on 1 100% of the time thing if you want to see a firearm.
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