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Personally I keep a vest in the nightstand where I keep my gun and light, and have always seen it as a good "just in case" thing to have around. It's nothing fancy, but it will supposidly stop most anything that comes out of a pistol. Should I ever need to leave my room in a emergency situation - get to the kids, etc. - it takes all of 5 seconds to put on.
Vests are rated for different calibers, so your thinking of supposedly stopping most anything doesn't hold water. The vest I own that I used while working for a armored car company is rated to resist a 357 mag.
Seems you are betting your life on that vest that will supposedly stop most anything.
Sound of breaking/crashing glass, startling the ever lovin crap out of you, tossing on a vest, grab the light and grab the gun after opening the draw/door on the stand, really? Why only put it on when having to leave the room?
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