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Originally Posted by breakingcontact
However I content that a large portion of gun owners have no need for shotguns beyond defense.
I think the veracity of that statement depends on how you define "a large portion." There are still millions of hunters out there and, depending on your jurisdiction, it is possible to use one shotgun for duck, dove, turkey, deer, quail, and who knows what else.
Like stated you have to define "large portion" but you really can't think that more shotguns are bought and used every year for HD than for all the other uses can you? In the real world the number of defense oriented shotguns sold pales by comparison to hunting and range oriented shotguns. Haven't even touched one ammo yet. Ya ever wonder why every store has maybe a couple shelves of buckshot but dedicates large amounts of floor space to hunting and range ammo? Go look at your local "mart" or box sporting goods store and total up both types of ammo and if it's not at least 50 to 1 I'll eat my hat.

Winchester actually went the way of dedicated barrels and longer fixed mag tubes on their 1300 Defenders. Waste of effort as everybody found out.
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