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Good point. I've long thought there should be men-only classes available too. Of course, many classes end up being composed solely of male students, but that's not the same thing as setting up the class itself to allow students to choose the environment where they will best learn. On the class-content and pedagogy side, men generally do benefit from classes tailored for their specific needs, but right now almost every class out there is optimized for male students anyway (gear selection and mindset lectures are the two areas where this optimization shows most clearly).

In any case, from my perspective there's an advantage to offering classes geared for specific demographics: senior citizens & retired people; teachers and others who work in educational settings; retail sales workers; young parents... A narrower mix of student demographics helps the instructor more tightly focus on the students' shared, specific needs and then to cover those needs in greater detail. IMO, both wide-mix and narrow-mix classes have a place.

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