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Originally Posted by Jammer Six
Well, we're even, pax. The fact that astounds me is that you don't seem concerned with changing the industry,...
And you're not changing anything when women aren't enrolling in your class because they'd prefer a class with only other women.

Originally Posted by Jammer Six spite of the fact that you, personally, are exactly the right person, in exactly the right place, with exactly the right skills to do so....
Yes, Kathy is indeed that. And her choices and judgment in this matter reflect a particular good understanding of the subject.

Originally Posted by Jammer Six
I would also point out that it is necessary to educate ethically. I had assumed that all instructors participating here were interested in ethical education practices. I wanted this discussion to be about that facet: whether separate classes are ethical....
Of course separate classes are ethical. They are ethical insofar as they encourage and promote training for some who might not pursue training under other circumstances and insofar as they can have to potential to offer more effective training to such persons for sound pedagogical reasons.

As mentioned in this thread by several posters, including our resident professor of psychological there are sound pedagogical reasons to conclude that a women-only class has the potential to offer better education and training to some women under some circumstances.

The offering of a women-only class could be ethically questionable when the gender specific format is used as an excuse for offering substandard training. But it's unethical, IMO, for any instructor to provide substandard training no matter what the make up of the class might be.

Originally Posted by pax the meanwhile, I'm reaching people where they are right now, which means I am not part of the culture that has written women off as unwilling to learn and unable to develop a good self defense mindset. Perhaps some of those people will make the decision to save their own lives as a result...
And that describes the first order of business: to provide good education and training for women -- however that can best be done.
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