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All things being equal..U have to admit that this is not the norm....
Give me a bunch of 30 pounders over one 400 pounder any day....
Oh don't get me wrong, the small ones "usually" are more tender, and can have a better taste overall. That said, depending on what any of them are eating at the particular time of year can and does have a big influence on the taste as well. In the river bottoms when the pecans are dropping, most any of them have a great flavor. If the acorns are dropping and they are on them they can also be good, but sometimes not, and they taste just like a mashed up wet acorns smells. When the neighboring places over by my friends property have the corn growing, MAN O MAN they get right then. But if they are rooting around in the muddy bottoms and not on anything that can sweeten them up, well they can taste just like the much they have been rooting in.

On my property they have been sweetened up by my corn and protein feeders which run most of the year. Even the bigger ones tend to have a good flavor. If I drop the corn though they get pretty rank pretty fast, and tend to taste like that sandy loam smells.
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