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Originally Posted by Lugar_Carbine
What is the latest that we would find out if cert is granted in Kachalsky?
The earliest we could hear would be this coming Friday, although it would be normal to list it on Monday the 15th.

The latest? We don't really know. There are conference dates in April for the 12th, 19th and 28th. In May, there are 4 dates on Thursdays: 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. June conferences are: 6th, 13th and 20th. 2012 Term Calendar

While I think the decision for cert in Kachalsky will not be later than the end of April, the Court could conceivably wait until Woollard is filed and briefed. That would mean a wait until the start of the 2013 Fall Term.

It only requires 4 Justices to decide to take a case. I think it safe to say we can rely upon the 4 progressives to not want to grant cert. But we are not at all sure about what Roberts or Kennedy, may think.

Over at the ScotusBlog, there is a short listing on Kachalsky v. Cacace, they have listed the case as one to watch.
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