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Re: Had my heart set on Daniels Defense but....

No, I do not think the DD is worth the extra money for a firearm I plan to keep. If you are a horse trader then the DD may be worth it because in normal times it sells for more so it equals out.

I have PSA, Colt with WOA upper, RRA, YHM, DD and a M&P. They all do the same job just about equally. Actually they all do the same thing because in general, they are the same gun.

The ONLY thing that sets them apart real world is accuracy. The WAO and RRA are much more accurate. Each have been to at least one class so they have been ran, hard.

The name stamped on the lower is what makes the largest difference. Some of the testing and materials cost a hair more to manufacture but the usefulness of those said differences (CHF, particle testing, staked castle nut, etc...) haven't proven out unless you are a "fast mover". But some just wanna say they have the best, good on'em.

I wouldn't purchase the higher priced AR's again but I am a horse trader so it equals out for me. Another exception is if funds were not an issue them you may as well get the "best". If not then I would use that money saved to buy another firearm on your want list. $500 can get you a new Ruger GP 100, XDM, Ruger 10/22 takedown, etc...
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