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Re: This happened to me.........

Ohio, I have had two experiences on opposite ends within the last month.

The good: Stopped by a LEO when an doing an exterior job. Said he had a call that a man with a gun was outside a store working (my tool belt pulled my pants down and my shirt was up quite often doing overhead work. Must have been showing). Asked what I was carrying and was just as pleasant as could be.

The ugly: Went yote hunting with a friend. We were hitting farms that were in suburban areas. We just got back to the truck and a local pulled up on us. Gun drawn, asked for ID, we informed of CCW, and he ran us (land owners farm truck with signs showing such, clean backgrounds, guy I was with is a local firefighter, both of us are carrying and have our AR's in the back seat).

After he gets back from running us he goes on a diatribe that he could have "screwed a gun to our ears and has" for having our AR's in the backseat (they were sitting, unloaded and ammo was seperate while we were taking our gear off). Guy also claimed we couldn't hunt this land as he was emailed that no one should be hunting the property. We had the farms tags of the owner as the FF friend of mine works on the farm, signed permission slips and know, for a fact, no one emailed them. We didn't argue as I didn't want to cause grief for my FF friend. Bad experience...
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