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On tuesday morning, 6 months ago I went for some target practice at 25 meter pistol range.

As a member of national shooting association the use of ragne is for free, and as the sport is not so much popular, or it is expensive the range is ussually empty. Especially in the morning during working hours.

So, I took my black powder army colt 1860. A friend came along with his Roger & Spencer, black powder also.
After an hour, or so, when I have just loaded my last cylinder - two dark vans came on range driveway and parked.
A special police unit came out, maybe 12 of them or so.

Their team leader came to us, saying that they have an agreement with range master to conduct their training today on the same 25 meter range, and he was politely (I really mean - politely) asking if we are to finish our training session soon. I said no problem, we are now at our last cylynder and will finish in a few minutes.

(the training was not announced on public board)

He saw our guns, and was really interested in "old fashion revolvers", so we chatted few more minutes, where I explained the details of loading, and shooting BP.

In the mean time, his team (equivalent of American SWAT) lined up in tactical gear, and were waiting for instructions from their team leader, and us (my frend and me) to clear the range.

SO, I took my old gun and fired a cylinder to the target at 25 meters.
Only by luck, as I am no expert - just recreational shooter, so by luck I placed 2 bulls eye hits, and the rest were all in dark black target area.

As many here will know, 25 meter bulls eye pistol hit is not easily achieved, and I made it in front of entire police unit waiting their turn to get on range.(!!)

It must have some impression on their team leader, so after I collected my target (and showed it to him), I offered him to check my revolver, and also my friend's R&S, offered him if he would like to try to shoot it, which he politely declined, but we discussed target shooting for next few minutes, while his team was lined up few meters in the back and still waiting. He tried to aim my revolver, and dry fired once-twice. Said that he ussually trains with his XDM, but was really impressed with accuracy of this old revolvers.

Entire chat was really pleasent indeed in friendly atmposphere, and its still in my good memory.
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