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Muzzle Velocity Slower than it should be

My Muzzle velocity is seeming to be much slower than it should be.
In search for a pet load for my Remington 700 SPS in .308Win
i did a fair share of load testing, and compared to all of the reloading manuals, everything I was delivering was significantly slower than multiple reloading manuals document. Case in point, my current load i settled with due to its Sub MOA performance is a 168gr Barnes TTSX with 43.5gr of Varget loaded at 2.830" COL in Nosler Competition Brass and CCI 200 Primers, and the velocities from the last test were:


The Chrony was out about 10' from the bench, temperature was probably at about 20F, Altitude is around 700, humidity was around 50%

According to the Barnes Reloading Manual and Hodgdon my muzzle velocity should be around 2650, but those are indicated loads at 2.810"
I haven't tried loading at Saami specs because the TTSX as an all copper bullet its pretty long and the ogive is pretty far back and I want to get it as close to the lands as my internal magazine allows.

The only thing I have tried so far is to strip the barrel to ensure there's no fowling slowing things down, but i am coming up short with ideas.

Has anybody else ever had this problem or any ideas how to troubleshoot or fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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