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I would also point out that it is necessary to educate ethically. I had assumed that all instructors participating here were interested in ethical education practices. I wanted this discussion to be about that facet: whether separate classes are ethical.

Consider this: women do not have trouble finding a class that can teach them to drive. Yet in the first decades of last century, it was taken for granted that women could not drive.

Without considering the ethics separately from the subject, without facing, dealing with and discussing all those "isms" that seem to make everyone so uncomfortable, we never would have arrived here in the matter of teaching women to drive.

McGee's point, women who would rather get no training than go to a coed class is a result of this pitiful situation, and is a reason to continue fighting for change. It is not a reason to allow the status quo to continue. It's an effect, not a cause.

The reason that I believe changing the "isms" is more important than current teaching practice is because everyone here agrees on one thing: there are women who do not attend coed classes because they are not comfortable learning to shoot in the presence of men.

And that fact, by itself, doesn't bother you?
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