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I will share my good south Texas experience from about two months ago.

First I go to Wal-Mart in the morning. The local PD has started hanging around the entrance at this store lately. Not a bad neighborhood, but they must be on to something. Anyway, I say hello to the local guy on the way in. I get lucky and score three 50-round boxes of Remington .223 ammo. I pay for it and on the way out I hold it up to the local cop and smile. He asks "What did you score?" I told him .223 and he said "Damn. Do they have any .40 back there?" I said no, and he told me I was lucky today. Yes I was.

At about 1 PM I headed to my local gun range/FFL dealer. I was picking up a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. I do the paperwork, pick up the gun, put it in the car and then grab a couple of pistols and walk over to the pistol range to do some shooting since I made the drive. There is a Texas DPS (Highway Patrol) guy in uniform, with his car parked at the range doing some shooting. I start shooting my Sig P226 and strike up a conversation with the trooper. He carries a P226 on duty, but his is .357 Sig while mine is a .40 S&W. We compare P226s and then I ask what he is shooting. He just picked up a Kimber 1911 from the shop and was putting some rounds through it. He lets me check it out - a very nice gun, and he put 150 rounds through it on his lunch break. Cool.

On the way home I have to pass through a border checkpoint (yeah, we are WAY south down here). The guys at the checkpoint know my car by now and they ask me if I was out shooting. I tell them yes, but my main reason was to pick up my new toy. They ask what and I tell them about the M&P 15-22. They both smile and ask if I have ammo for it. Well, yes I do. They say "Nice gun, have a nice day" and I am on my way.

One day in Texas, with interactions with local, state and federal law enforcement. All positive. At least down in this part of Texas, this seems to be the rule rather than the exception. They know who the good guys are.
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