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Though i can't speak for anyone outside of Ohio or my part of Ohio, but a few thing happened in Ohio to contribute to the demand here.

My family lives in Dayton, Oh and im about 25 miles away. The city tore down whole blocks in a certain part of town and built several new government homes.

When that happened, as well as the recession, home invasions, car-jacking's, armed robberies, and shootings skyrocketed in an area of town that wasn't accustomed to it.

When you go down-town to turn in your paperwork for carry permit there is a long wait with large lines. My sister went down right before easter weekend thinking more people would be focused on the holiday and the line would be shorter....she was there for2 1/2 hours to file it.

The shooting requirements in many of the classes require 200 rounds to be fired. The people who are taking these classes usually have a wait to get in and they purchase ammo for practice (as well as guns) before even doing the range requirements of the ccw classes.

I have spoken to several of the people taking these classes and i have yet to have someone respond anything but things are getting bad and they wanted to be prepared.
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