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I think $500 -$1200 for a semi auto .308 is pretty unrealistic in the current climate.

- Fals are $1700 or more. I have not seen the Imbel Fals that were around $900 for quite some time. Yes, I know atlantic has them on their site but they've been sold out for months. I've only been able to find the DSA Fals which start at $1700

-Cheapest DPMS AR I've seen is $1500

- At the very top of your scale you can find some PTR's (atlantic firearms has them) for $1100.

Remember all of those prices are pre tax, pre shipping, and pre transfer fee. I just don't see a .308 under $1k unless its some lemon from Century. Buying firearms online from Century is like playing the slots. You just never know what your going to end up with.

On a positive note atlantic firearms has some nice AK 74's and 47's. Considering some jack wagons are trying to sell WASR 10's for $900, they have a nice selection of higher end AK's (Arsenal, Saiga, Maadi, Krebs Custom, etc.) from $900 and up.
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