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I wish I had the student numbers to justify a separate women's class. The majority of women I see come onto the range for a CCW class with their husband. About a third are relatively reluctant participants. Some are there because their husbands asked them to be, some are there because they think if their husbands are going to carry guns, then they should know something about them, too.

Most are using their husband's guns, and shoot next to him on the range.

This drives me nuts.

Because then they spend half the time being either coached (usually badly) or criticized by the husband, and their shooting suffers. Then they don't enjoy it or learn from the experience.

I usually try to separate first-time female shooters from their husbands or boyfriends on the firing line and coach them individually. Most women take to a different style of instruction than their husbands do.

As other instructors have noted, if I can get them away from their husbands, many novice female shooters will outshoot their 'experienced' spouses because they actually listen and don't start from the mistaken belief that they know everything already.

I see a lot of female students with ridiculously outsized nervousness about the class because they are there with their husbands and do not want to disappoint or look bad.

I also did have a case where a fellow instructor not known for his professional conduct in any field of work took a special shine to an attractive, younger female student and basically made a fool of himself in front of the rest of the class. That really made us look bad as an instructor group, I think.
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