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First time owner advice

I have been looking at the ar15 model for quite some time now and have decided to buy one now that i am starting to find some stock again..i am familiar with handguns but very new to rifles i owned a semi auto. 22 when i was a teenager but that s it..ive been looking alot at the m&p15 and it is right now my favorite in the sub 1000 question is how reliable this rifle is i have heard lots of great reviews but a few people have also said they are known to lock up on occasion and are next to impossible to unjam without gunsmith assistance anyone else heard this?The lack of the forward assist doesnt both me but the dust cover is a slight concern i do take good care of my guns but like i said im a newbie to ar's should the lackfaster of athe dust cover concern me?? Also for that sub 1000 pri e range is this really my best option??its uses woulx be basic target practice(i shoot atleast oncegive per week soso it wouldto be used regularly) and a secondary home defense gun and of course in the shtf situation..i want something reliable above all else when i pull the trigger it goes bang is always my biggest concern with a firearm purchase..will this gun give me all of this?? Thanks in advance for any help and i look forward to becoming an active member of the forum
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