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Originally Posted by Jammer Six
The easy, the popular, the sales-oriented answer is simple. Women everywhere probably love a women-only class.

I'm interested in ethics, as opposed to any of those things.
I suspect that there are women who would rather get NO training, rather than go into a coed class. Accordingly, I would rather see women's classes offered than not.

Why might some women avoid coed classes? Because, as someone posted earlier, men posture. I think that posturing will have a chilling effect on many of the questions that women in coed classes would like to ask. They do not ask for fear of sounding silly.

I also think that men learn differently from women. I think men tend to learn on a competitive basis to a greater degree than men do. We learn by taking someone to task at the range. "I can put all 5 in the X ring from here. You watch. Here, let me show you how that's done." I think women tend to learn on a cooperative basis better than men do. (I won't try to put a quote in on this one, because I'd just sound silly.) I have no scientific studies to back this up, no PhD in psychology, no links to share.

So one key difference has far less to do with what needs to be taught, than how the students learn.
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