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I do have a C&R. The Chinese SKS only has 14 Foreign parts in regards to 922r. The Tapco magazine counts as 2 USA parts - the body and follower. The Tapco Stock is 1 USA part and the Tapco handguard is 1 USA part. You need 10 or less foreign parts to be in compliance with 922r. My mods are 14foreign-4USA= 10 Foreign parts, therefore is fully in compliance with 922r. Technically, it is not a C&R anymore, so I would have to dispose of it to myself to my non-C&R collection.
Please read info from this site if anyone else has concerns.
I saved the stock, handguard, and magazine which can easily be put back to original C&R condition if need be.
I like your setup tahunua001!

On a side note...TAPCO is misleading on their 922r compliance parts. They have the T6 stock for the SKS as 3 USA parts(it's really only 2), and they also list the SKS magazine as 3 parts(it only counts as 2 also). The original SKS configuration does not have a handgrip and the original SKS magazine's floor plate is built in and not counted as a part. You can't count a part as replaced if it never existed. I'm surprised TAPCO doesn't get in trouble with false advertising. Then again, How many people have ever been fined or arrested for 922r non-compliance????

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