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Before making a decision on body armor go to a range and test out your accuracy with and without. Run a 100 meter dash with and without.

I tend to think body armor has probably caused a few fatalities...
Being in shape helps, as does a positive attitude. Not everything in this world is made for your convenience. Like a handgun, it's meant to be comforting, not comfortable. Buy a personal force screen when they finally come out.
Not everything about ballistic vests is comfortable, no doubt, but the classic Clint Smith speech about a handgun meant to be comforting, not comfortable, just means that Clint had apparently made some poor carry choices.

Will the weight of a vest slow you down? Sure, so will the weight of your gun, shoes, and pants...and anything else weighing you down. So if you are after ultimate speed, then maybe going naked with some good lightweight running shoes (because tender feet will slow you down more than feet protected in lightweight running shoes) might be your best option, but then what protections do you have?

There is a balance with all your choices. Choose wisely for what fits and suits your situation.

I would rather be in body armor in a gunfight than not. One thing is certain. Even when I was in top shape, I could not outrun a bullet.
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