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The Aguila 60g'ers are accurate to about 75yrds in my stock 10/22 barrel and to 150 yrds in my 10/22 with a tactical solutions bull barrel. By accurate I mean I can hit a 4 in. spinner at those ranges. Never had feeding issues or key holes either. My single 6 9 in. loves them. It's accurate out to 50+yrds.

I've never seen a sub sonic round that can match they're effectiveness on small game. They have 40-50% more energy at 100 than remington subsonics. I hit a coon with one at about 25 yrds square in the chest head on and it did a back flip and roles 10' to a stop. Never seen a .22 LR do that before. Needless to say, I was sold.
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