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I spent about twenty years in a female dominated field, nursing.This has forced on me a certain amount of insight into the female nature. I currently work, and have almost a decade worth of experience, in a male dominated field, car sales.

As a result of this combination of experience I have serious doubts about men and women even being the same species, let alone being the same in any meaningful way.

From a scientific view point as well as from my experience men and women handle stress in two very, very, different ways.
This is proven, scientific, fact. Here is an easy to read article talking about one such study.

Interestingly, there is this sentence in the article that backs up what kraigwy has to say," Psychologists have long noted that stress affects men and women differently. Women tend to seek out social support, while men are more likely to withdraw. ".

For years I taught a "self-defense for healthcare providers" class. This was a class on how to survive an attack by a vastly stronger aggressive patient and was something they knew that they would end up using, and that their health,and maybe their lives, depended on their learning it.
Back in the day, with the drugs we had then, this was no joke, those patients sometimes tossed us around like rag dolls.
The reactions between the men and the women in the class were just different. This wasn't just my opinion, The head Psychologist and I always taught it together he felt the same way too, and adjusted the class sometimes because of it.

If you, (as a male) have some talent teaching Women (from your post it sounds like you might) this is an uncommon and valuable thing Jammer.
If you're the one teaching the class, and the Women being taught trust and respect you, they might end up asking questions when isolated from Men that could be the difference between living through the conflict and not.
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