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Just curious out of the ARs you have and with your real world experience with them. What truly makes the DD stand out and worth more than the others. Can you give some insight on actual things like accuracy, any kind of malfunctions that keep the weapons from firing, stuff like that.
Well I'll try to keep it short since this isn't my thread. As far as accuracy my DD is built more as basic duty rifle (and has a pencil barrel) so 2-2.5 MOA is about all I get with it with M193, M855, etc. This is roughly the same as my BCM and PSA which are built to the same format, LW 16" midlengths. As you can see I'm not a target shooter nor do I try to be. The DD and BCM have been extremely reliable over thousands of rounds, malfunctions have been a few stuck steel cases which of course is common. No issues with quality ammo. The PSA is quite new and doesn't have a lot of rounds down the pipe yet. The DD and BCM are roughly the same quality for roughly the same price. The PSA is a few hundred cheaper and is high quality for the money - it's very close to the other two. My DD has the CHF barrel and the BCM and PSA do not.

Back to 2tango2, he's comparing quite different rifles, the DD M4V5 LW has a quality DD 12" rail and hammer forged barrel. Those features and others naturally increase the price over the Sig M400 which is a basic carbine that used to sell at Walmart for $900 or so. The M&P-15 midlength probably is a nicer rifle than the M400 but I haven't compared them. And he also has a Windham.

Really in the end he's going to have to answer his own question, the DD costs more but it is worth it to those who want the extra features and quality. Does he need that kind of rifle? He'll have to decide that. I just was pointing out that Daniel Defense is worth the money.

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