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I remember when my LGS had SKS's for about $300, and Ruger American Rifles for $300, now the Rugers are going for $400 and the SKS's aren't even available!!

By the way, I wanted to point out that we have very similar usernames!!
When I first started paying attention to guns i had a buddy who agonized over paying $150 for an SKS, didn't and now kicks himself everytime he sees one for sale for $500-$700!

and you know, great minds think alike and all that...! I love Mauser rifles!

At the first AWB, I thought I should buy some more regular mags for my Glock. I went to the gun show and they were about 5 bucks more than before. The dealer offered some big package of mags for that price. I thought it was a rip off and only bought two. Then they went to 120 each and I could have been a gouger.

Also, a LGS was going under and I could have bought a SW 3913 LS for a a significantly lowered price. Didn't. Sigh.
Nice. You'de be able to finance a whole bunch of ammo for the prices those things sell for now!

Missed a $400 Beretta 22lr Cheetah by 5 minutes... turned my back to think about it and poof, gone.
Missed a new CZ 75 with Omega trigger priced around $480, stupidly went with the SA instead.
Missed a very nice used FNAR at $750 with a Leupold scope/rings, 2 20 rounders and 1 10 rounder... damn
Wow, that's a great price on that CZ man! That's one heck of a pistol with that upgraded trigger on it.I've actually been tossing aroudn the idea of acquiring one myself!

About ten years ago one of my LGS's had two identical immaculate, unfired, gorgeous, pinned-barrel, 1970-built Smith Model 15-8's they had obtained from an estate sale.

I only had enough money to buy one. I should have mortgaged my soul...
Worth it! At least you got one of them. I've come around a LOT on revolvers in the last couple years. I positively love them now.

Wow where to begin on all the incredible deals I have passed by over the years. Oh know how about the guy at the gunshow in the late 80's who had two 55 gal drums full of C96 broom handle Mausers pick which one you want $200 I of couse did not. How abot the gunshow where the guy had a HK USP in 9mm for $400 didn't buy that either. The list goes on and on. I have noticed that if I go to a gunshow with money in pocket I won't find a d*mn thing but if I go without funds there is always a great deal to be had.
Wow, $200 for a C96. That makes me almost sick to contemplate. Not just for the value in $$ but for the value in history; the first widely successful semi-auto. and a Mauser no less!

I hear you on that with the gunshows too. I swear everytime I'm strapped for cash something I love appears at a gunshow or online for some phenomenal price.

About eight years ago I walked into my LGS where I've traded for years and the manager who is a pretty good friend pulls out a SIG 516. He told me that he'd just gotten the gun in and he knew I'd be in that day. Bottom line-he told me I could have the gun out the door for a grand. I'd just purchased an AR the week before sooo...
You know the rest.
I certainly do. I just remembered another one actually: I had a buddy offer my his XD9 for $300 about 2 years back. I passed because I was saving for a USP. Ended up having to do some car repairs and then impregnating my wife! So money was not available after that. Still haven't been able to get me that USP... Been pining for that particular pistol for about 8 years now.
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