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that's a pretty good deal, your you fix um is about the same condition as most of the SKS I've seen in my area on the shelves including the one I bought right before christmas. mine has almost no finish left, the stock was about the same condition and heavily shrunken and poorly fitted with a rotting hand guard. didn't have the cleaning rod but all parts matching and the thing was stuffed with cosmoline.

my original intention was to do similar to what you did in order to make 'The Poor Man's Evil Black Rifle' but in the end settled with a ramline monte carlo stock since it fit like a glove with no fitting and the T6 was a horribly molded and would have required a lot of filing and fitting that I am far too lazy and uncomfortable with so I ended up selling it. I also went with the tapco 20 rounder to make it 922R compliant but I much prefer the metal mag and feeding from stripper clips though the 20 rounder is functional and reliable. I rounded it off with a set of tech sights peeps that greatly increased the sight picture.
here's mine:
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