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Un-like big al hunter my Savage Mark II shoots about 1" at 50 yards with cheap(!) ammo. However it will shoot 1/8" with Wolff Match. I don't have a CZ in .22 LR but I do have one in .223. It will shoot 1" at 100 with just about anything. It will shoot 1/8" at 100 with it's preferred load. I love the single set trigger on the ZC. The Acu-Trigger on the Savage isn't bad but it doesn't compare to the single set on the CZ. If economy is the factor, you'll be happy with a Mark II. For the price you're better value is probably the Savage. It's also easier to get scope rings for it and get the scope set to your liking and in a .22 LR I doubt you're going to see much difference in accuracy out to 50 yards.
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