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I dont know - Im split on this one

I go back to my original post on the original post that you originaly posted on

If the women are being treated differently its not the womans fault 99.9999% of the time (statistics are made up on the spot 87.23% of the time)

I dont see women doing anything differently when on the firing line - maybe because im not looking - but I dont.

Given clear instruction women are no different then men and they are certainly no less capable.

what I do see are the guys being idiots around women all the time. I have trained some ladies that are deadly deadly gunfighters. I do a lot of LE / Mil / Protective service / comp prep training so I get those who are actually past the novelty stage of ladies on the firing line . That might be the difference here.

again if i see any problem between guys and gals its the guy.

I would have NO problem having a well trained lady covering my back NONE

This post comes at a pretty cool time because I am bringing kurdish women into my training here in kurdistan soon - it took some doing but I have a bunch of zaravani (military) ladies inbound soon.

women are crucial in the field for a whooooole bunch of reasons - they make the best assets for intel, They diffuse tense situations better then men, they can be used for screening other women at checkpoints especially here in a muslim country, They are the number one choice for a security element in a family setting with kids etc etc

I dont understand why this is an issue especially in the states - shooting is gender neutral - girls can be girls and guys can be guys - the bullet doesnt care who shot it - But then again I will never pack a pink lady smith :-)
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