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I teach a women's only Firearm Safety & Self Defense class.

Why "women's only"? Because that's the way the ladies wont it. I don't allow husbands, boyfriends, fathers, or brothers in the range. Why, because that's the way the ladies want it.

My wife works with me, she talks to the girls, sometimes they tell her things or bring up problems they wont even tell me. She rats them out, and I cover the problem in the next class with out addressing the lady who had the problem or asked the question.

It's not a shooting class per se, but a ladies self defense class, meaning I draw from my 20 years in LE on the problems women deal with.

I've taught both, men and women over the years, by far ladies are more responsive and make better students. They don't have the pre-conceptions or egos that men have.

It's nice having my wife working with me, helps a lot with communications with things I may not consider. It helps planning the next day's class. I don't do a one or two day session, I work do one night a week for 2 hours and keep the class small.

I'm going to have to go two nights a week do to the interest in the class.
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