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I have no regrets of the handguns I sold. My reasons I still standby to this day. All sold were bought by me new with the exception of the High Standard Citation, I was too young at the time.

Beretta 84 380ACP, the only 380 I’ve ever owned. Never an issue in terms of reliability, feed only factory Federal hollow points. The grip of the pistol was all smooth from the wood side panels to front and back of the grip and fat, not to my liking. Recoil was nasty yet useable. A friend that was in the service at the time with extensive experience with the 1911 said the recoil felt more than a 1911 45ACP. This is was my beginning into the 45auto.

High Standard Citation 5.5”, 22LR. One of the bad ones with a wobbly trigger, side play. Trigger has to be moved/pushed to ones side to fire. Sold at a high loss with defect noted.

S&W 586, 357mag revolver. Felt too front heavy even compared to the Colt Python. Lockup was consistent and loose on all chambers. Comparatively my S&W 66 is a high precision tool although with a compromised forcing cone.

Sig 220, 45ACP early import, I believe, with Euro mag release. Double action trigger was useless to me in terms of reach and pull. Decock with no safety didn’t make it better. Single action was just OK in terms of hand fit. The most accurate 45ACP pistol I’ve owned. IMO not well suited for high round count range use because of alloy frame and the roll pin of the slide was a turn-off. Aesthetically not much better than a Glock IMO.

Colt Gold Cup series 70 (1911, collet/bushing), two pistols. First pistol I wore the bluing off the receiver, thousands of rounds. No part breakages or need related to wear. Cold blued receiver prior to sale. Second pistol sold new complete in the box un-shot. IMO no pistol fits the hand as well as the 1911 and it’s aesthetically pleasing. But I find the reliability wanting. While it never jammed with factory Federal Match JSWC it didn’t sound like it had an easy time feeding either. Makes a double clang sound while the round is entering the chamber. Jamming becomes more of an issue with my reloads when the round count approaches 200 during a single session. Probably related to the hold of the pistol and fouling at the muzzle area of the bushing/collet. And then there’s the magazine floor plate breakages. Issues that don’t exist with the S&W 745. I still have a third Colt GC that was customized by King’s Gunworks and my own widening of the mag well, making the pistol more to my liking. Yet it’s still a 1911 with issues that I simply choose live with.
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