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The easy, the popular, the sales-oriented answer is simple. Women everywhere probably love a women-only class.

I'm interested in ethics, as opposed to any of those things.

The standards must be the same for all. I admit that's easier said than done, the more physically beautiful a woman is, the harder it is to bear down. Surprisingly, the opposite is also true. I once read a line in a novel "If she hadn't been so damn beautiful, I would have been nicer to her."

On the other hand, it is possible to bear down on all students while treating them all the same.

Racism, sexism and other bigotry thrives on subtlety. The most dangerous racists, the most dangerous sexists are not the boys in the white sheets or the patrons of "gentlemen's" clubs. The most dangerous are the ones who honestly believe they are not racist or sexist.

I think that sexism is the reason for Pax's observed behavior, that women are not well served by the gun industry. I think that it's up to individual instructors, salesmen and businessmen to change that.

And I think that women's classes promote that stereotype, and do not change it. In doing so, they become ethically repugnant.

I look forward to other opinions.
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