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I've owned a CZ (I chose one with iron sights) and I've handled the Savage but not had a chance to fire one.

The only time I ever felt the lack of a varmint-weight barrel in the CZ was when I was shooting target against those who had one (and set into a custom stock, what's more). In addition, I appreciated the presence of an easy-to-set rear iron sight (with windage too, if I had a screwdriver handy) in case I developed scope issues or to correct for deviations out of the box or what have you. The Savage is IMO deficient in this regard - setting the rear iron sight is a labour, and not one of love. I think this has to be borne in mind.

On the other hand, the Savage's sight picture is nothing to complain about (unlike their .22/410 Model 42 combo gun's which IMO is awful, to a degree that's bizarre coming from the same design house).

Insofar as practical hunting was concerned, that CZ always shot better than I could to reasonable .22LR ranges. That's a comforting thought.
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