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Everyone says... try it before you buy it. That is easier said than done for most. I believe you're on the right track on a revolver and I also like the simplicity of shooting a double action revolver.

I geneally recommend that new shooters get a 22LR handgun before they jump to a centerfire caliber or buy at essentially the same time. You can learn a lot about shooting with a lowly 22 and ammunition cost is not significant oveall.

If I were dishing out advice, I would say that you should avoid Taurus revolvers overall. But many are good. I went through the buy cheaper firearms earlier in my life and without exception, I replaced that firearm with a "better" gun later. I eventually sold the cheaper guns at a big loss, but I never shot them again after feeling the difference. So, why keep them?

As a new shooter, it is very hard to determine what is good or great. You have to get some experience. But if you stick to brands like Ruger and S&W, you will generally be fine if the gun is of the size and weight of something that you like.

I also agree that your first few guns should be "new guns". You learn that way.
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