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Could someone please define "hoarding ammunition"???
I hear this being constantly spouted as an accusatory phrase, blaming shooters for the latest ammo run.
I haven't been buying much ammo lately, but let's just consider...
I am 40 years old; and if the gods agree, I would like to be still shooting when I am 60. That's 20 years... We have a major shoot about every 6 weeks or 8-9 times a year....20 x 8 = 400.
Let's say conservatively, I shoot 300 rounds of various calibers per trip. That's 12,000 cartridges.

Now, with the uncertainty of more government regulations, threats to the import of ammo by the UN Arms Treaty, and the plethora of other issues driving up the cost of ammo.
Why shouldn't I buy as much as I can afford when I can get it?
It's not going to spoil.
And if ammo is not available, or prohibitively expensive in the future, what good will my guns be if I REALLY need to shoot them??

I'm not trying to start an argument, just trying to give a little something to chew on.
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