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Originally Posted by Skadoosh View Post
That doesnt seem like enough, in my opinion, to convince the authorities of the legality of the lower. "Fininshing" an 80% lower seems like manufacturing to me. I need to see it in black and white that this is legal to do.
"Seeing" it in black and white is right there in front of you. There's a whole industry built around it. 1911s too. It's perfectly legal. They wouldn't sell them to you if it weren't legal and you wouldn't have people all over openly talking about doing it.

You don't have to "prove it" to anybody that it's homemade either. Guns built by manufacturers for sale all have serial numbers. If you destroyed the serial number it would be obvious. There's no serial number, or you can add your own, which would be wiser.

You can sell it too, you just can't manufacture it for the PURPOSE of selling it, much like handloading ammunition.

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