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Agree totally with BigDinFL ... a snubby is a gun that takes constant practice for accuracy; I own one and don't shoot it nearly enough to consider it for EDC .. my wife hates my j-frame and won't shoot it -- and she is no delicate flower ...
If you had said a .38 snubby, I could agree with you. but having shot the .327 snubby with many of its low recoil options, I think it is better and has significantly less recoil than a semi-auto in 9mm or .380 ACP (which I have for comparison). It is easier to operate and until quick reloading becomes the deciding factor, has a clear edge over semi-autos for a person with weak hands. As far as accuracy, an apples-to-apples comparison of short barreled revolvers vs. short barreled semi-autos equipped with similar (fixed) sights, once recoil is removed from the equation, doesn't seem to favor either.
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