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Welcome to the TFL. Shoot it and enjoy it!

I bought one of the CAI Type 56's but it was not a U fix em. I got a complete matching rifle with the cleaning rod. Bluing is about the same condition as yours. The stock is still usable however which I prefer since I like them in original condition. The chrome lined bore looks like new on mine which is a huge plus. If these rifles could talk I am sure they could tell us some great stories as I have no doubt these were used in actual battle. I paid $300 which is a bit high but I had to have one for my collection.

I also have a T53 mosin you mention in decent shape for what it is. As you probably know the T53's are rough, mine is no exception but is shootable and the bore is in decent shape. Unfortunately my T53 is mismatched but still fits the collection well.

Hope you enjoy your new rifle and good luck if you go with the T53, I think you will enjoy it.

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