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If you are hunting yotes now, hide damage is of little consequence because the quality of the fur is done till next fall. I shoot one or two every year during turkey season that come in to the turkey calls and decoys and don't even bother to carry them out even though the turkey loads often leave little damage to the hide. Mouth calls will work if you are familiar with them, and this time of year most electronic predator calls are on sale. My first electronic predator call was in 1970 and was just a plain battery operated cassette player with a tape ordered from the back of Field and Stream. Pretty low tech compared to callers of today. It worked to bring in fox and coyotes. Moved up to a Johnny Stewart in the 80s that was like carrying a small suitcase in the woods with you. It too worked well. I now use a Primos Alpha Dogg. There are some good entry level electronic calls that run for under $50 U.S. that will do all you need.
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