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how would the fas1 safe be for long term storage? I just want something hard to break into that i can put two pistols in and forget about them for up to 6 months
My G17 has been stored this way for the last 4 years with no problems. It's my home defense gun and always is in there.

Since it is thick steel (3/16"/7ga) it is more robust than most. Securing to something solid is a big part of being resistant to theft. If you do that and have it in a discrete place that's even better. You can anchor to the floor with concrete anchors and it would be pretty solid for it's size. Especially if you can also get it up against a wall or in a corner where it can be attached to a wall stud from the side and or the back.

You can mount it horizontally as well and bolt from any of the sides too.
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