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For a new loader the Lee classic turret is the perfect press. It is easy to setup and easy to use. If you are like most of us after a week or two on a single stage loading pistol ammo at around 50 rounds an hour you will want something faster. Buy single stage and you will want another press in a few weeks. Buy the classic turret and just add the auto indexing rod and you go from 50 RPH up to around 200 RPH without having to buy anything.
I've been reloading for a few weeks and I'm still happy with a single stage and a Lee Hand Press. I wonder if this need for speed is an age thing. I just started reloading and I'm younger than the hills but older than many of the trees and I'm content with low productivity rates. I'm retired, so maybe that helps. I don't have kids, so maybe that helps. I've never been the type to go for the fastest, highest horsepower, slickest, shiniest, etc. with my toys, so maybe that helps. So maybe the best press for someone who is just starting out is dependent on some lifestyle things. I don't think anybody would be going wrong by buying the Lee Classic Turret over the single stage. It's not that much more expensive.
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