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Right or wrong, seller's call !!

Now some are going to disagree with what im going to say next and that’s ok .
Depending on your modern design , the ignition system may in fact predate the 1898 rule .
Case in point , plunger type inline ignitions which actually date to the early 1700’s
You are correct that some will take issue with this and you are not correct on why as this is not what the law says. ....
Regardless of design, it is still an M/L.

I really get impatient when I encounter folks who strive for "zero risk" in a world in which nearly all risk in manageable.
Exactly and you will even find them, in this forum. However, as others have stated, that is the sellers call and you don't have to deal with them. ....

Pahoo, that's interesting. Anyone ever give you a clear explanation as to why an inline is different? I know its no different and so do you. Curious as to what peoples logic is on this.
I've had this happen twice and the one that really stands out, was on an In-Line and the seller was a pawn shop. The explaination was clear as it was part of their CYA program. Now, I can see some of you second guessing as it was an in-line but when I asked them about side-locks, their policy was the same; It made no difference. ......
Now, it threw my local dealer, a real curve as he did not know what his requiremenmts might be, so he just handed me the M/L. ???

whose frames can be fitted with a barrel chambered for a metallic cartridge - the T/C Encore, H&R, and other break-open inlines come to mind.
This is true and there are a number of M/L's that have multiple barrels, such as the TC System-1. As longs as it stays and M/L, you are okay.

Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.
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