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The Lee Classic Turret seems to be the best bang for the buck when it comes to a first press. This is probably the reason it is suggested most often for someone wanting to get into reloading. Often it becomes the press they continue to use for a long time.

The main reason you don't normally see Hornady and Dillon presses suggested for a person looking for their first press is because they are harder to use safely when starting out. They also tend to work better when used by people with a mechanical aptitude. Mechanically they are more complicated compared to single stage and turret presses. I would prefer to have someone wanting to get into reloading to have a positive experience when they start out. This way they will continue to load their own.

There are mostly 2 types of reloaders.
The first is the one wanting to make ammo to shoot and often just want to save some money doing it.
The second one is the person wanting to create the perfect load for their gun.
Both are valid reasons to reload and often the first type starts leaning more towards the second type over time. Techniques developed by the perfectionist have often helped the process used by those just cranking out ammo to produce much better ammo in my opinion.
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