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Ruger American... again

I bought my ruger in February, and started reloading 270 shortly after.

I now have over 500 rounds though the gun, and I just can not get over how amazing these rifles are.

So far, I have done some free mods and have spent

Rifle - $350
Nikon prostaff 4-12x40 - $145 (50 rebate, coupon code, free shipping)
Bipod - $30

All in all, $525

Yesterday the range was pretty windy, 10-12 mph winds, 5 shots, 3 golf balls, 100 yards. The first two were a hair high, one click down, the next 3 were hits. This was the only one that wasnt vaporized. I truly feel at 100 yards, the only reason this rifle isn't sub MOA, is human error (which I have a lot of).

Ammo spec

140gr SST set .010" off the rifling
57.5gr of H4831SC
No crimp
Averaging right around 2900 FPS

If you are debating the Ruger American, I do not think you can do better for the money.

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